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Cerulean Gym Surprise Cover by joyhorse13
Cerulean Gym Surprise Cover
written by Isthemedia

 “I live for the applause, applause, applause

I live for the applause, ‘pplause,

Live for the applause, ‘pplause,

Way that you scream and cheer for me

The applause, applause, applause...”

--- Lady Gaga, “Applause”

SUMMARY: Archie has a big surprise for everyone at the Cerulean Gym...

So me and some other people requested this fanfic ; and Isthemedia was kind enough to actually write it! Thought I should draw something to show my appreciation :)

There was no title originally with this fic, so I was allowed to come up with one myself.


Done with Adobe Illustrator

Characters belong to Nintendo/Satoshi Tajiri
Story belongs to isthemedia ( )
Artwork belongs to myself

This movie is AWESOME!!! Would totally watch it again.

-The fight scenes. They're not too long, and not too short. Best of all, they use actual stunts and the landscape to their advantage, when most  action films like "Age of Ultron" resort to CGI. My favorite is the sandstorm chase scene!

-The characters. Despite the story being simple and nothing new, the characters are like a fresh breath of air. Each one balances their moments of weakness and strength. This allows viewers to both empathize and admire them. My favorite is definitely Furiosa. For every moment that she is at her weakest point, she rebounds from it with twice as many moments of her kicking @$$. Also I like how some characters subverted your typical action movie cliches: the damsel-in-distress Wives are tougher and more useful than they seem. And Nux, the main henchman, stays in the film far longer than I expected. He even turned out to be a big softie on the inside and joined the good guys! In any other film, this would seem really weird and illogical. But "Mad Max" works these sudden plot twists to make them seem much more natural.

- The world-building. There's plenty of gross moments turning the moments on fat people literally getting milked/physical deformities caused by disease/Max eating a two-headed lizard alive. Thankfully, these moments are only a few seconds long. What I like is that they make the film's dystopian setting really look...well, dystopian. I'm sick of dystopian movies where everyone looks like a supermodel (Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.). The world of "Mad Max" is what a real postapocalyptic world would be.

-Some shots felt too short. There's times like the opening when a bunch of sudden jump cuts work, in this case to show just how crazy Max is. But there were some cool shots like the extreme closeups on some characters, that I wanted to look at a bit longer.

-Some scenes were SO SAD!!! Like the pregnant lady getting killed, and Furiousa realizing than the Green Place no longer exists.Waaaah!
-Nux and Capable's romance was so cute!! I like how it was done subtly and didn't take up much screen time, allowing for more focus on the action.

So yeah, that's my opinion of "Mad Max: Fury Road".

Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

Peace out :)!


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Claudia Bolanos
Artist | Varied
United States

Hablo español :)
我会说中文 :)


Currently a hobby artist, aspiring to become a storyboard artist/character designer/illustrator. I've done illustrations for several newspapers and gazettes.

My hobbies & interests include...

*Gravity Falls
*Avatar (the James Cameron movie)
*Greek Mythology
*Broadway musicals
*History and learning about different cultures
*Lady Gaga

Things I will NOT draw:
-Anything too gory/violent)

Personal Quote: Nobody's perfect, but everybody's perfect at being imperfect.

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